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Business Law

Whether you are starting a business, currently own a business or purchasing a business then there are several questions and difficulties that occur each day which require instant and direct attention. Failing to address any of these concerns often manifests into larger issues and which results in undesirable influences on your bottom line. As a business owner, there are numerous concerns that first start with deciding on a type of business organization, such as sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, drafting policies, partnership and operating agreements, employee and vendor contracts, and lease or loan review.

Stay Educated

Many agreements are created at the inception of a business. Most businesses will need numerous forms, contracts and agreements depending on change and growth. These are not to be overlooked and should be reviewed time and time again to ensure all applicable terms and underlying issues are addressed. In some instances, a business may even transform and adapt to different services which call for a revision of documents and practices.

How a business attorney can help

The attorneys at Desai Law work with numerous businesses and have encountered a multitude of legal matters. An attorney can address your concerns and help you understand all of the options available to you and your business to make the best decision possible.

We can help with a variety of business law concerns that you may be facing, including:

  • Entity Formation (Partnerships, Corporations, LLCs, etc.)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business litigation disputes
  • Reviewing contracts and leases for commercial real estate concerns
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Business Licensing, Unfair business practices, employment and wage disputes

Desai Law has the information and ability to focus on your needs helping you protect your investment. We will be ready to assist you throughout the existence of your business and are committed to work together and amplify your business.

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