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Personal Injury

Personal injury can be broken down into many categories. Some of the most common include, automotive accidents, slip and fall, dog bites, boating accidents, defective materials, and workplace incidents to name a few. When involved with these types of events it may be difficult to understand what you are entitled to and the extent of the damages brought on.

“What you should do”

Regarding all types of accidents it is advised to seek medical attention immediately. You may not know what type or how injured you may be; sometimes the onset of symptoms can take days to appear. If you wait to go to the doctor it may hurt your chances of recovering for damages and your health maybe in jeopardy.

From when the incident occurs and onward, one of the most important tasks is to document everything or request reports for your records. If someone is the reason you or your property are injured they can be held liable for the damages. You will have to find out who this/these individuals are and also obtain there information to move forward in making a claim. It is your responsibility to contact the individual or the individuals insurance to negotiate a claim or be compensated for you and/or property damages.

Attorney’s aid

The tasks for a personal injury claim can be intimidating due to the complexity and various representatives or companies involved. You will need to identify what’s required for your claim and the appropriate methods to attain this information. Also, if you are required to file a lawsuit the court may have specific procedures involved with filing documents and scheduling hearings. The negotiation process can be discouraging due to the fact that insurance companies have experts who are consulted for these situations.

A personal injury attorney at Desai Law will be your spokesperson with their vast knowledge and skills. Your attorney will facilitate in all phases of the process so you have the ability to acquire a fair settlement for your losses. A settlement should include compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, ongoing medical support, lost income/wages, and in the unfortunate event the wrongful death.

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From the moment you are involved in an accident the laws in the state of Florida limit the amount of time you have to make a claim, please do not wait! If you are injured or someone you know has been involved in an accident please call to discuss your case. Contact Desai Law today and schedule a consultation!

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