What is Probate?

A probate is a legal process that occurs after a death, and it helps in identifying and gathering the assets of the deceased individual. It involves proving that a will is valid, having any property appraised, paying off debts/taxes, and distributing the will. Usually the process involves some paperwork and court appearances. We are experienced with Probate, and in this article you can learn some of the essentials.

Probate 101 – Everything You Need to Know About the Probate Process

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The last thing that anyone wants to go through during the grieving process is legal matters. However, that is sadly what many families have to contend with. It is important to be aware of financial and legal matters after a person dies. Having an understanding of the probate process can ensure that you don’t get caught out. In this guide, we will let you know all of the basics of the probate process.